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Car Parking Shed Types Sun System Enterprises

Car Parking shed Manufacturers Single Car Parking Shed and Multiple Car Parking Shed. We will show you our work on both types of car parking sheds. Single Car Parking Shed is a small span shed designed and manufactured for homes and small offices. Generally it is for one car parking.

Multiple car parking shed on the other hand is a large span shed which is designed to park multiple cars under it. These shades are especially useful in large corporate offices, hospitals, apartments, institutions etc.

Sun System Enterprises is one of the leading manufacturers of both these types of Car Parking Shed in Sikkim. If you are looking for the best design Car Parking Shed in Sikkim at the most competitive price then choose Sun System Enterprises.

Car Parking Shed needs to be manufactured using high quality raw material to protect your valuable car from weather related damages like rain, ultra-violet rays, dust, sand storm. You can trust Sun System Enterprises for the quality of the content. You can be assured that the Car Shade manufactured by us are UV resistant, weather proof and.

When you contact us, Sun System Enterprises will arrange a Car Parking Shed keeping in mind your exact requirements. The size of the car parking shed should not be too small or too big. Too small a shed may not provide enough protection for your beautiful car and too large a car shed may consume valuable open space.

Features of "CAR PARK SHADES" Are
Protect the Vehicle from the Harmful UV Rays.
Fabric used for cantilever parking shade structure is 100% high density with UV stabilized.
Strong anti-aging sturdy and durable energy-saving beautify the environment.
Effective block 90% UV damage.
20 years warranty against UV.
Maintain gloss and shine of vehicle.
Protect Wind Screen from Crack.
Reduce cracking of win screen.
Make your electronics Keep Safe .
Reduce Heat in the Car.

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