Vehicle Parking Tension Maintenance: We are best parking tensile repair work and tensile structure with the following features:

  • We can do all types of tensile repair work like fabric replace work and frame structure repair work .
  • Our parking tensile maintenance offers high quality service at a reasonable price.
  • We are professionally trained to carry out our services.
  • We can provide you with the convenience of on-time delivery, meeting deadlines and prompt response to emergency calls.

The car parking tensile repair work is one of the most common and critical works in modern buildings. The tensile repair work includes replacement of the broken bolts and welds on the structure, opening and closing additional spandrels spans for the building, fixing foundations firmly, etc.The tensile fabric provides the same load bearing capacity of concrete and is usually installed between the old structure and new concrete slab, to provide protection and maintain the structural integrity of the parking lot.An integral structure is a metal frame, made up of stringers and cross-members. It is designed to support the weight of an overhang or when the ground is uneven. The essential characteristics of an integral work are: it can withstand high loads, compression and/or tension; it can be asymmetric, curved or bent; it has a high stiffness during transportation; it is capable of providing a high degree of resistance to external loads and making fast response time following partial collapse during application

Tensile Car Parking Work – car parking tensile repair work like fabric replace work and frame structure repair work. These services are done by specialist who accounts for the requirements in each area and does the necessary research before making any recommendations. The outcome of this approach is always a reliable, well-structured installation that fits with its surroundings.Tensile repair work like fabric replace work and frame structure repair work which is maintaining the integrity of a tensile fabric by keeping it in place. Polymer materials are the teeth of tensile structure and also provide other services, such as non-slip, insulation and noise reduction. Tensile structure is ideal for displacement control of traffic congestion, parking and other areas that require a high density but only limited space, such as roof tops etc. Tensile repair design elements include general support, end post support and anchorage system. Relying on a solution-oriented approach to engineering consulting in the early planning stage, we can ensure a smooth process right through to execution.

Tensile structure is widely used in various structures. Tensile structures are made of steel bars, which are fixed on both sides of a tube (axle) with their ends joined in pairs by tensile reinforcement. When put under load, tensioned members can bear much larger amounts of force than the force applied to them. The main advantages of tensile structures include their great strength and light weight compared to other structural systems. It enables lighter loads to be carried underground than heavier ones in conventional reinforced concrete construction. Tensile structures have many applications, especiallywhere earthquake safety is important. The design and use of tensile structures for underground parking garages is discussed below

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